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"Coaching turns problems into challenges, challenges into opportunities and opportunities into gifts"

Milton Erickson

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Shifting Consciousness Welcomes You

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If you have a personal, emotional or habitual problem that’s preventing you from being the best version of yourself, Shifting Consciousness can help. A highly recommended Hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner, Reiki and Personal Growth Coaching Service Provider in the Yarra Valley area, they have been assisting clients overcome their obstacles and challenges.

When you consult with Shifting Consciousness, we will design a plan that allows for your own self-mastery, enabling you to gain insight and heal yourself. Don’t wait - reach out today and take the first steps towards your new life and new you!

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help

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Improve Self Esteem

You Are in Control

Find out those negative beliefs, holding you back from being the best version of yourself. Access those parts of self love and acceptance that you never knew were there

Take Charge of Your Own Life

Access Your Inner Powers

Delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks stopping you from being able to study, advance in your career, rid yourself of anxiety, lose that fear, improve your relationship and much more. The hypnotic state makes it much easier to explore painful thoughts, feelings or memories and start working to overcome them.

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Purpose & Passion

You are the Creator

Reignite or discover that which sets your soul alight. Connect with yourself to create and design your life. Remove the fear of what if? Find the drive and motivation to create the future you deserve!

Stop Smoking

Access Your Inner Powers

Delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks that prevent you from quitting for good. The hypnotic state allows us to unravel and sever emotional chords that tie us to addiction.

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