Therapy: Carrots in Spaghetti style!

You read that right.

"Children learn through play" is another way to look at it.

Children don't know that they are actually learning when they are having fun, same as they don't know they are eating veggies when it is cleverly hidden in their favourite foods!

What if I told you that not all therapy has to be painful. I find a lot of people saying to me that they don't like the idea of therapy because it brings up painful memories. The idea of crying in front of another person might feel uncomfortable.

So, then therapy is avoided and there are a lot of people walking around everyday in pain, or numbing pain in other ways.

Good news!! Why not try a different approach. Kind of like the "learn through pay" or "Carrots in spaghetti". Wouldn't it be nice to know that you had a therapy session, without realising that you had a therapy session?

I would ask us how, but that would be revealing the secret ingredients. Make that phone call. It doesn't have to be painful.

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