About ME!

HI! Welcome to Shifting Consciousness!

Who am I? Glad you asked! I am Melissa and my passion is serving humanity. To lift us up as a whole, to raise our collective vibration, unlock potential, inspire drive and motivation, and work towards creating a better existence for yourself and others around you.

Based in Melbourne I offer my clients 1 on 1 consults, or Zoom if they would prefer. I offer group consults in workplaces (we will get to this exciting bit in a minute), and like to make use of mother natures gifs and take my sessions to the great outdoors.

My tools include Hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach amongst other cool bits and pieces.

I cant wait to take you on my journey, to join you on yours, so that we can create, discover and succeed, together as one, as a collective, raising the consciousness of human kind!

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